Getting Into the Word: A Bible Study Journaling Plan

I have been looking for a bible study to do with my kids for years. I haven’t found one that fit exactly what I was looking for… so I created my own. And I’m going to share it with you, for free!

I will admit that I haven’t been great about having my kids read the Bible. They choose to do it in their own time (which I love), but it isn’t consistent and they haven’t been getting the Word in their lives like I have always hoped for. They have had memory verses, and we have read storybook Bibles, but not real Bible reading together. I knew this needed to change.

bible study

Here’s a video to see my Bible Study Journaling Plan! Don’t like videos? No worries, just keep reading.

A Year Long Bible Reading Plan

The first thing I wanted to incorporate into my Bible study was a year long reading plan, but one that fit my own needs. Weekends are hard for us to sit down and have quiet time, so I split the reading to have five longer days and two shorter days. This leaves the weekends to have shorter readings together, so they’ll actually get done.

bible study

I really love the idea of having a year long plan. I have read a one year Bible in the past and it was so encouraging to know that I was going to be reading the FULL Word, from beginning to end, in just a year. I really like full, in depth studies where you take your time to soak up a book of the Bible, but something about reading all of it in one year brings me such joy. There’s so many books and chapters that aren’t read as much or as popular, but they’re in there for a reason. This forces me to read them, and I’m so thankful.

This Bible Study Journaling Plan covers 6 months. (Yes, I plan to publish another one to get those last 6 months in!) You will read Genesis-2 Samuel, the four Gospels, and half of Psalms and Proverbs by following this in just 6 months. 

Taking notes during your Bible study

Something else I wanted to add to this Bible Study Journaling Plan was note taking. But, I also wanted to be able to do it as a family. I created both a kids and a womens journal that coordinate with each other. This means you’ll be on the same reading plan, the same journaling page, and the same Bible verse pages. 

bible study journal

bible study journal

Bible Verse Memorization Coloring Pages

I know that Bible journaling and coloring is all over right now and I LOVE it. I’m not an artist myself (at least not in the art of drawing), but I get so much joy out of seeing the beauty that people create in the Bible journals! I have created weekly verses to color in two options- a script for mom, and print for kids. There is plenty of room to go above and beyond the words on the page and draw to your heart’s content to make the most gorgeous journaling pages.

bible study

bible study

bible study

Available in both print and a free download

When I started this blog, I made a vow to myself and to my readers that I will have all of my printables available for free, all of the time, every time. This is still true with my entire 6 month Getting Into the Word Bible Study Journaling Plans. But, they are 162 pages of print. That’s a LOT of ink and paper! So, I wanted them to be available for you to buy already printed as well. You can save your ink, paper, and time by buying them now on Amazon. 


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Getting Into the Word: A Bible Study Journaling Plan 

I hope that these Bible study journals bless your family as much as they have blessed mine. Our mornings have transformed getting into the Word together and being able to write down our thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. I’m trying to subscribe to get the Bible Journaling pages but it just keeps popping up that I need to “enter a value” right above the subscribe button, any suggestions as to what I’m doing wrong?

    1. Daisy, I’m so sorry! I’ve been having issues with my sign up forms. I just fixed it so it should work for you now! I hope these Bible studies bless you!

    1. I’m so sorry, I haven’t yet! I’ve had so many other projects I’ve been working on that I haven’t made it a priority. Your comment has lit a fire under me, though, to put this on my schedule! It likely will be a handful of months before I could begin working on it, though. So, if you’re hoping to start on this, definitely get started on this one!

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