Free Homeschooling Guide and More Resources to Help You Start Homeschooling

Schools are closed across the country. I don’t know about you, but a week ago I certainly did not see this coming! Even as a veteran homeschooler, things are difficult right now. All of our events, clubs, and sports are cancelled. Even our beloved library! Schools cancelling have given a lot of people the opportunity to give homeschooling a shot, whether they’re going all in or just being forced to teach their children at home with the resources their schools are supplying. Either way, I wanted to gift everyone in need with Your Guide to a Stress-Free Homeschool- an ebook homeschooling guide that I created.

A free homeschooling guide available for a limited time! Your Guide to a Stress-Free Homeschool will guide and encourage you in starting your homeschool journey. #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolguide #howtostarthomeschooling
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A free homeschooling guide to get you started

We may make this homeschooling thing look easy, but the reality is that homeschooling your children is not always a walk in the park. There are a lot of decision to make- what style of homeschooling fits our needs? What curriculum should I use? What if I decide to do this officially- what would I have to do to enroll? My free homeschooling guide will prepare you with all of the basic information and direct you to resources to help you out along the way.

Additional Homeschooling Resources

On top of my free homeschooling guide, I want you all to get your questions answered and be prepared as much as possible! Here are a list of my top posts on starting up a homeschool.

How to Start Homeschooling

Learn how to start homeschooling with six tips on how to get started. #homeschooling #homeeducation #starthomeschooling

Want to know the ins and outs of how to start homeschooling? This post gives you my six best tips on how to start your homeschool.

Your Guide to 6 Different Homeschooling Methods

Your Guide to 6 different homeschooling methods. Learn which method is best for your homeschool!

Not all homeschools are created the same! This post lays out the six most popular homeschooling methods.

How to Plan Your Homeschool Day

How to plan your homeschool day. Whatever homeschool method you use, you can plan your day easily with my tips!

Not sure how homeschoolers organize their days? This post will give you ideas into how I plan our day and how we fit each subject in.

Four Weeks to a Stress-Free Homeschool

Four Weeks to a Stress-Free Homeschool Course will help you get started in your homeschool. It includes a free homeschooling guide ebook!

This is an online course that has tons of video content that covers everything you’d need to know to start homeschooling, or if you’re already homeschooling but feeling stressed, defeated, or like you’re not sure which direction to go, will give you the resources and confidence you need.

Online Homeschool Community

Relaxed Homeschoolers online homeschool community

I have an online homeschool community called Relaxed Homeschoolers where I have a fabulous gathering of homeschooling moms, ready to help you along with your journey!

Get my free homeschooling guide for a limited time!

For the remainder of March 2020, I will have this free homeschooling guide available for you. No cost. No strings attached. Simply use the coupon code MARCH20 to get it for free. If you missed the freebie, you can still access this ebook in my shop for only $5.

Get your free homeschooling guide for a limited time! Homeschooling doesn't have to be stressful, get the help you need to start.

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