Hey guys! I’m Christine. I’m a mom to three kiddos, wife to my high school sweet heart, and lover of Jesus and coffee.

And I have a question for you.

I want you to picture yourself in five years. Where do you see yourself?

Five years ago I was living in a 2,000 square foot house. I was homeschooling my son through a charter school and struggling to figure out which method worked best for our family since the charter curriculum wasn’t for us.

Little did I know that five years later I would not only have a third child (surprise!), but I would be living in a 30′ RV, homeschooling my kids, and enjoying a relaxed method of homeschooling to boot.

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It’s funny what curve balls life throws at us!

Relaxed Homeschooling. It’s the perfect method for us. So much that we need in life can be taught out in the world and doesn’t need to be taught through a curriculum. We have our favorites that we still do, but we don’t let curriculum rule us, but use it as a tool in our homeschooling toolbox. Using a relaxed approach frees us time to enjoy as a family and give our kids hands on and real world experiences.

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Roadschooling. This is our favorite way to get those real world experiences! Getting out into the world and learning about the places around us, seeing the greatness nature has to offer, and meeting amazing people who have so much information that we could never learn of we want met them.

roadschooling adventures

RV living is something I never thought I would do. Taking a trip from coast to coast a couple of years ago changed all of that for me. We explored national parks, saw parts of the country we’ve never seen before, and LEARNED so much while delving into it all.

Although we aren’t traveling full time yet, living in a small space has opened up so much time to be with one another. We have found that we’re spending quality time with each other when before all we had to give were our left over moments. There’s more time for family walks, reading together, and just being.

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We try to hit the road as often as we can and to explore our local area as much as we can. In a few short years, we do plan to travel. To see all 48 continental US states. And to learn so much along the way.

So, join me for relaxed homeschooling. For encouragement, curriculum reviews, printables to help you in your homeschool, and so much more.

Join me for roadschooling adventures. For ways the average homeschooler can incorporate roadschooling into their homeschool (and how you don’t have to live in an RV to do it), get a glimpse into our travels, and find ways to get into the great outdoors.

But most of all, join me for real life. Because we’re all in this together.

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Relaxed Homeschooling. Roadschooling Adventures. Real Life.

This Bit of Life.


Photos courtesy of Clayton and Rose Photography