The Best Homeschool Science Resources to Keep Learning Fun!

Most kids I know love science! The more hands-on the activities there are, the better! Here are the best homeschool science resources I’ve used with my kids to keep that love of learning alive.

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Rabbit Trails through Science: A Literature Based Nature Curriculum

Rabbit Trails has gained a new subject… Science! Hands on, literature based science lessons, all focused on amazing nature studies. Let’s learn more about Rabbit Trails through Science.

Rabbit Trails through Science A Literature Based Nature Curriculum

Free Rabbit Trails Constellation Study and Constellation Card Printable

We traveled to space last month and learned all about the stars during our constellation study. Constellations have always been something I wanted to learn about, so I was thrilled to take this journey along with my kids! Here are the books, crafts, and exploration we did about constellations (and a free printable, too!)

constellation lesson rabbit trails

Free Science Lesson About Fireflies

Some of my most fond childhood memories are from when I was out in my backyard, old jar in hand with holes poked through the top. We would wait for twilight and jump for joy at the first twinkling of the fireflies in our yard! Lightning bugs, fireflies… no matter what you call them, these little bugs are one of the few that most people are excited to see!! So, let’s explore them further with this free science lesson about fireflies!

free science lesson about fireflies

Free Nature Study About Spring

Spring is here and it is a season of new life. A season that brings sprouts up from the ground and where all of the beautiful green will be coming back to the earth. When thinking of spring, I started thinking of starting our garden and decided that that’s just the topic I wanted to make a new lesson about! That brings us to the NEWEST Rabbit Trails through Science lesson- a free nature study about spring!

A free nature lesson about spring from Rabbit Trails through Science. Go up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt with this new free nature lesson. Learn all about spring in your homeschool. Free homeschool nature lesson. Free lesson about spring. Free spring unit study. Free homeschool unit study. Free homeschool nature study. #homeschool #naturestudy

Go down the Rabbit Trail with this Free Winter Unit Study!

Nature studies are a fantastic addition to your homeschool. Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean this can’t continue! Whether you’re heading out to explore the outdoors this winter, or wanting to study this season from the comfort of your own home, this free winter unit study will have everything you need to learn about this season in a way your kids are sure to love!

free winter unit study, free winter lesson, free homeschool lesson, winter unit study, rabbit trails through science, free rabbit trails lesson

Unit Study about the Moon

The 50th Anniversary for the Apollo 11 moon landing is coming up, so it was the perfect excuse to create a moon study. The moon is no longer a mystery to us since space exploration has given us an inside look. Here are some books, a STEM project, and moon phases activities to add to your moon study lessons!

Unit Study About the Moon. For this moon study we visited books about the moon, STEM moon landers, and Oreo moon phases! #freeprintable #moonstudy #phasesofthemoon

Nature Journal for Homeschoolers

I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about nature journals lately. I decided to look into it myself to see what all the hype was about and now I totally get it! Nature journals are the perfect addition to our homeschool, and here’s why.

Printable seasonal nature journal for kids. Take your nature studies to the next level in your homeschool with this printable nature journal for kids!

Ten STEM Science Activities for Kids

STEM science is one of our favorite things to study in our homeschool. Except, we don’t typically study it, per se. And my kids don’t usually even realize they’re learning. Here’s how we use STEM science projects in our homeschool and how you can make STEM science fun for your kids.

stem science kids

Spring Activities for you Early Elementary Homeschooler

Spring is in the air! Do you feel it? All around I see the signs of spring, from the trees turning green to the butterflies fluttering by. I knew it was time to incorporate some lessons about spring into our homeschool, so I put together some spring activities for early elementary homeschoolers so you can do them right along with us.

spring activities for your early elementary homeschooler

Three reasons why online homeschool science classes will save your sanity!

Why is having an online homeschool science class for high schoolers so important to me? When it comes to teaching high school, I don’t know about you, but I become a pile of nerves. This stuff actually counts! These grades will be on our kids transcripts and I want to help them succeed.

College Prep Science. Online homeschool science classes for high schoolers to help save your sanity!

There you have it! Some of my very favorite homeschool science resources for you to use in your homeschool. Be sure to join my online homeschool community to stay up to date with my newest favorite resrouces!

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