The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool History and Geography

Homeschooling history and geography can be SO intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some of my absolute favorite ideas for incorporating history and geography into your homeschool.

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Learn Geography the Easy Way with States and Capitals Printable Flashcards

It’s time for us to study states and capitals so I started digging for easy ways to learn this important geography lesson. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I made it myself! And I’m sharing it with you- printable states and capitals flashcards!

free states and capitals printable

The Underground Railroad Unit Study

The Underground Railroad is a topic in history I was excited to cover with my kids in our homeschool. It’s such an important subject to discuss so that children can truly understand slavery and a period in our country that still effects us today. I took this topic and made it into a unity study that we worked on over a few weeks. Here is my Underground Railroad Unit Study!

underground railroad unit study

Incorporate Every Subject with this Election Day Unit Study

With the general election right around the corner, it is the perfect time to gear up for a day of learning based upon the events of the day.  Election Day is full of learning opportunities for the whole family. But, did you know that you can study the election through every subject? Let me walk you down some fun, hands on activities to make this a day to remember for your kiddos with this Election Day Unit Study!

election day unit study

Super Easy Geography Lessons for Littles

We’ve been starting to focus on geography in our homeschool, and so has my friend Allie over at Raising Pink Arrows. Allie is homeschooling two little girls- Pre-K and Kindergarten. I love the approach she took with her geography lessons, so I wanted to share them with you! She was kind enough to share this post with me so you can see what she has been up to with her girls.

The products she chose to use for geography are absolutely beautiful! I didn’t know I wanted to add to our geography curriculum, but now that I’ve seen what she’s been using, I totally do. Here’s her list of must haves for studying the states.

easy geography homeschool lessons

Is Kindergarten too young to add an American History Curriculum to your Homeschool?

I absolutely love homeschooling in Kindergarten! It may be one of my favorite ages. Kids are so eager to start school, there are so many opportunities to instill a love of learning in the simplest of ways, and the possibilities of what you can include to make school fun are endless. The question I hear floating around sometimes in relaxed homeschooling circles is, “Is Kindergarten too young to add an American History curriculum to your homeschool?” My simple answer is, no. You can never be too young to start learning about our nation’s history! However, I do have certain ways that we like to do it, and it all starts with using great books.

Is Kindergarten too young to use an American History Curriculum in your homeschool? Not when you use something as great as Sonlight's new Exploring American History! #kindergartencurriculum #kindergartenhistory #Sonlight

How to Incorporate History with Other Subjects

If you know me and the business we’ve created over the last nearly twenty years, you’d think I would’ve had a love affair with history all my life… well, nothing is further from the truth! I flat-out couldn’t stand history in school, and I actually bargained with my high school teacher to just pass me with a “D,” because I was going to become an artist and would never touch the subject again with a ten-foot pole. Fast forward a decade or two, and there I was, a homeschool mom, petrified to have to teach my children history—the topic I had loathed in my earlier years. After gathering my nerve, I made a game plan to use a history text for my spine and timelines and mapping to grasp an understanding of when and where we were learning about. I filled the topics with all kinds of good reading and hands-on projects. Before you knew it,  I found myself excited each day to learn the stories of the past right along with the children and hungered to absorb everything I could. (And for the record, I came to find that I definitely DID need to utilize history through my art career!)

What I didn’t realize was exactly how much you can incorporate history with other subjects! 

Double Dipping... How to incorporate history into other subjects in your homeschool

Ignite Wonder in Your Homeschool By Using Literature to Teach Geography

Using literature to teach geography may not be the first idea that most come up with when they think of a geography curriculum. When I think of geography, I think of maps, facts about different states and countries, and really…just plain old boring studies that I have no interest in (and my kids would have no interest in, either.) But, what if I told you that literature may be the very best tool in learning about geography in your homeschool?

ignite wonder in your homeschool by using literature to teach geography

My Favorite Thanksgiving Lessons for your Homeschool

Thanksgiving is a fun time to learn about our country’s history! Adding in some Thanksgiving lessons into our homeschool is something I strive to do every year. It’s fun, it breaks up what we’ve been doing for something new and fresh, and there are always a lot of resources to choose from so we never do the same thing. I’m going to share some of my very favorite Thanksgiving lessons for homeschoolers so you can do them along with us.

my favorite thanksgiving lessons for your homeschool

Who Was/What Was Book Series for American History

There’s one book series that we always turn to when we’re looking for books that will teach us about history. Last year, we used the Who Was books for American History and is was so-much-fun! We now own more of these books than I can even count and the learning just keeps happening…

Who was/What was book series for American History

The Studio with Art History Kids – Homeschool Art Curriculum Review

I’ve never had much luck when it came to using a homeschool art curriculum. Either it was way too involved for our relaxed homeschool or it left me feeling like I could just piece things together myself instead. This all stopped as soon as I found The Studio from Art History Kids.

The Studio with Art History Kids Homeschool Art Curriculum Review

America’s Story II History Curriculum Review

Who has trouble finding a homeschool history curriculum they love? I have… until now! I happened upon Masterbooks America’s Story and it looks fantastic! We will be using the second edition, which covers the 1800’s- the Civil War through the Industrial Revolution. Goodbye, boring history. Hello, fun learning!

Charlotte Mason Inspired Homeschool History Curriculum

Homeschool history and geography

See, what did I tell you?! Homeschooling history and geography doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, it is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling. I hope these homeschool geography and history resources are helpful to you as well.

One of my secrets to homeschooling successfully is that I don’t try to do it alone! Could you use some support, encouragement and more curriculum reviews and ideas like these? Join my online homeschool community!

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