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An Overview Of What Your Membership Includes

Your membership in The Studio comes with a variety of fun features. Make sure to read the weekly emails each Monday for updates and info on new additions! Here’s an overview of what’s included in The Studio:

  • Weekly pdf lesson plans. We study a new topic each month, and a brand new lesson plan will be added to the lessons page each Monday. We always begin our new topic on the first Mondy of the month.
  • Access to past lessons. Scroll down on the lessons page to see previous lessons from the past few months.
  • Archived bundles. After six months, older lessons are moved to the archived bundles section of the site. Each month you’ll get a code to download one of these older lessons for free. The current code is posted in several places for your convenience. You can find it in your weekly emails, on the lessons page, the timeline page, and the extras page. A new code will be sent to you in the first email each month.
  • Planning pages. Get organized with supply lists, calendars, and other fun worksheets.
  • Video library. Videos are added on a regular basis covering everything from art supplies, technique demonstrations, book suggestions, and answers to kids’ questions.
  • Community connections! Head over to our fun members-only facebook group to share photos of your kids, chat about fun art discoveries, ask any questions you or your kids may have, and to meet other members!

Want to see inside The Studio? Head on over to my post!


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