Dash Into Reading Book Set




Set 1 of our Dash Into Learning phonics program. Each book in this series of 10 books has 1 lesson page and a 10 page story.  This is a complete phonics programs for very beginner reader! Open and go — Lesson and story combined in each book. OVER 30,000 BOOKS SOLD!!!

Each purchase also includes a “Parent Guide Book” which simply explains the steps to teaching the program and lots of easy tips.  It also includes special finger puppets of the ponies Dash and Dot to make reading even more engaging for your child.

Why choose this program?

  • ​Phonics “mini lesson” in each book keeps the program simple.
  • Your child reading entire books right from the start!
  • Easy step by step instructions on how to teach your child
  • Innovative “Blending Path” to teach children to blend sounds — an important part of reading that’s missed in most programs.
  • “Follow your finger” exercises to improve focus and retain information.
  • Lovely, sweet illustrations that enhance the story and don’t create the bad habit of guessing instead of reading.
  •  Phonics and sight word progression is logical, easy, and not overwhelming. We never ask the child to read a word or sound in the story they haven’t already mastered. This builds reading confidence!
  • Engaging, page turning stories!
  • Simply the best “first” phonics book series out there.

The books included in Set 1 of our program are:

Book 1: Fan and Sam

Book 2: Mitt and I

Book 3: Matt the Ram

Book 4: The Mutt

Book 5: Fish Fun

Book 6: My Ship

Book 7: My Pal

Book 8: Cam the Cat

Book 9: The Cub

Book 10: Six Kits

 Now includes a cute tote bag to carry your Dash books! Tote bag fits set 1 AND set 2!


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