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Notgrass History’s homeschool history courses provide homeschoolers with engaging history and American government curricula written from a Christian perspective. This link will bring you to see EVERYTHING Notgrass has to offer!

Notgrass History’s Our Star-Spangled Story is a one-year American history and literature course designed for students in grades 1-4. This textbook features engaging, narrative-style chapters with full-color photos and illustrations. This flexible program combines the richness of a unit study with the simplicity of a traditional textbook curriculum. Lesson activity ideas, review questions, and hands-on history ideas conclude each chapter; parents can pick and choose which would be best for their individual students to complete. These activities include instructions for using the Star-Spangled Rhythms and Rhymes, A Star-Spangled Timeline, My Star-Spangled Student Workbook and the 8 recommended literature books. Units include a project idea connected with one of the lessons, an include things like arts and crafts, recipes, and games.

Volume 1 covers life in America from before Europeans came through the first settlements to the late 1800s, while Volume 2 covers life in America from the late 1800s to modern times. 45 lessons are provided in each volume; each unit contains 3 lessons. Each lesson takes approximately 10-15 minutes to read through, with additional time as needed for activities. NASB Scripture used.

The answer key and literature guide includes answers for the review questions in the student text as well as the student workbook exercises. The literature guide component provides introductions to each of the 8 recommended books that go along with the curriculum as well as a few things for parents to be aware of (if applicable) and discussion questions (with suggested answers).

Star-Spangled Rhythms and Rhymes features 60 songs, poems, and dances enjoyed throughout American history; each selection goes with a lesson in the curriculum.

A Star-Spangled Timeline provides an easy way to review lesson materials since students can visualize what was happening during each era.

The Star-Spangled Workbook features one activity page per lesson – these may be coloring, drawing, or writing activities, or a unit review (which always follows the final lesson of the unit and may be used as a weekly test if desired).


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