Plan Your Year Book


Homeschool planning is about more than wishful thinking.

Do you worry that you won’t cover the subjects that your children need? Or maybe you create elaborate plans but never seem to be able to follow through with them. Do your lesson plans end up being a mishmash of crossed-off dates, arrows, and erasures?

You need a new way to look at homeschool planning.

Plan Your Year is a practical approach to homeschool planning that breaks free of grids and unrealistic expectations, focusing instead on the needs of the students, the teacher (yes, you!), and the busy life you lead.

Inside you will discover:

  • A step-by-step plan with action items. Complete the list and have a flexible and fabulous plan for your homeschool year ready to go in just days.
  • Three vital steps you can take before pulling out your credit card to buy curriculum, thereby avoiding buyer s remorse.
  • Practical ways to conquer the homeschool mom s biggest enemy: decision fatigue.
  • How to eliminate overwhelm and guilt with simple scheduling hacks. You have never seen a school schedule like this before!
  • Why lesson plan grids are the first step to homeschool plan failure. Learn what to use instead or how to adapt your premade curriculum grids for success with one simple step.
  • Ideas from across the homeschool community because one-size planning doesn’t fit all–a variety of options for each planning step are included! Choose the options that fit your personality and style best.

Plan Your Year is the homeschool planning guide you have been waiting for. Get the direction you need without the guilt.

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