Revolting Writing


If you struggle to get your child to write an essay, or even a paragraph, this book is for you!

Revolting Writing© goes rogue and reaches reluctant writers on their level of interests and was created out of desperation to get kids excited about writing.

This 18 week journal program is chocked full of kid-thrilling topics and disgusting humor. (teacher’s guide and answer key included)

Suggested age/grade level: 9-13 yrs. or grades 5th-8th. The vocabulary list in each lesson is meant to engage, excite, challenge and elicit laughter.

Each weekly lesson includes:

  • Revolting or rousing theme 
  • Related vocabulary words + fun slang terms defined
  • Humorous and informative vocabulary exercise 
  • Revolting or playful writing prompt discretely encouraging different types of essays 
  • An Illustration page to enhance creative expression 
  • Hilarious cursive handwriting copywork exercise 

Example Chapter Titles: Design a Disease, How to Pretend to Clean Your Room, The Art of the Fart,and even more exciting topics!

As a homeschool mom of 3 boys I know the struggle to excite boys to write. A miraculous thing happened when, at my wits end, I asked my son to write about the contents of the toilet. It was magical. He was putting words together in sentences and paragraphs without complaining. Through laughter I was able to help him edit his grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

When allowed to write about what interests and excites them, kids are more willing to try. Out of desperation, I reached my child and he learned to write. I hope this book brings laughter and a love of writing to your reluctant writer as well.

*Disclaimer: This book contains gross words and potty humor such as “poop, loogie, fart” etc.


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