Four Weeks to a Stress-Free Homeschool Course

Starting your homeschool journey can be thrilling, but it can also be stressful. What curriculum should I use? What are the homeschool laws in my state? How does one even start homeschooling? What about burn out, I don’t want to have that! My Four Weeks to a Stress-Free Homeschool Course will answer all of this, plus so much more!

Four Weeks to a Stress Free Homeschool Online Course! Learn how to start homeschooling, homeschool planning, curriculum options, and more! #homeschooling #homeschoolcourse #howtohomeschool

Four Weeks to a Stress-Free Homeschool Course

All of these questions and fears led to a lot of stress when I started out – BUT – have no fear! I am ready to share everything I can to make your path smooth sailing! I’ve put together a workshop coming to you in four separate parts to give you the resources and information needed to make the beginning of this journey totally stress-free.

Whether you’re just beginning to consider homeschooling, or you’ve already gotten started but feeling the stress, you don’t want to miss this workshop.

About the Homeschool Course

This course is now available any time! Whenever you’re ready, you can sign up and start taking it at your own pace. It’s designed to do over four weeks, but you can do it as fast or as slow as you’d like. In addition to the course, you can get support over in Relaxed Homeschoolers. This is my exclusive homeschool group I have to build an online homeschool community. The group is designed to be there to ask questions, give encouragement, and to build a tribe of other homeschooling moms to turn to. So, it’s the perfect place to get together to ask questions! The best part…this awesome couse is only $35!

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What’s in the course, any way?

This course will be split into four separate sessions. Each and every week there will be new topics.

Session 1: This will be all about starting your homeschooling journey.
-What are the different homeschooling methods and where do I fit in?
-What are the homeschool laws in my state?
-Homeschooling is not the same thing as school at home

Session 2: This session will be all about homeschool planning
-A look inside some planning resources
-Different types of homeschool planning
-How I make planning work for multiple kids

Session 3: We will start looking into homeschool curriculum!
-Math: Saxon, Math U See, CTCMath, Math Lessons for a Living Education
-Reading: How we use real books in our homeschool
-Science: Science kits, Nature Studies, Apologia, Answers in Genesis, and more

Session 4: We will continue to look into curriculum
-Language Arts: Rabbit Trails through Literature, Grammar Galaxy, Language Lessons for a Living Education, All About Spelling/Reading, Moving Beyond the Page, Evan Moor, Revolting Writing
-History: Using real books, Beautiful Feet, Notgrass, Drive Thru History, Story of the World
-Extras: Bible Curriculum, Art, Typing

Free E-Book!

When you sign up for the course, you will get an awesome e-book as my gift to you! This 30 page e-book will get you started with some of the information that will be inside of the course…like your own little sneak peek full of information!

So, let’s recap what this homeschool course is all about…

Who: Any one who is new to homeschooling, is feeling stressed out in their homeschool journey, or feels like they need help in the direction of their homeschool.

What: An amazing course to help you in your homeschool journey for only $35!

Where: Online, and in my Relaxed Homeschoolers online community.

When: Any time!

Why: Because you deserve to have an amazing, stress-free homeschool!

Get the bundle and SAVE!

I’ve added a course bundle for you to save money and get more resources! The Best Homeschool Life Planner is something I feature in the course, and it can be yours when you purchase the bundle. When you get it as a part of the bundle, you save $15! So you will get both the entire course plus the planner for only $50. Who doesn’t love to save?

Four Weeks to a Stress Free Homeschool Online Course! Learn how to start homeschooling, homeschool planning, curriculum options, and more! #homeschooling #homeschoolcourse #howtohomeschool